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Forthcoming in September 2011: Red Dot Irreal

In June September 2011 (only five eight months from now), Math Paper Press, the independent publisher run by Kenny Leck and Karen Wai (aka the amazing proprietors of Singapore’s best and quirkiest literary bookshop BooksActually), will release my debut collection of short stories, Red Dot Irreal.

The book collects many of my fantastical short stories set in Singapore and one in Bali, what I’m calling Equatorial Fantastika. With Math Paper Press, Karen & Kenny have begun branching out into publishing, and will be bringing their considerable talent for design and presentation (not to mention bookselling) to my little volume.

More information, including the proposed table of contents, can be found at LundBlog: Beautiful Letters. The book will naturally be sold at BooksActually, but should also be available at Select Books and Kinokuniya as well.

N.B. This entry has been updated with the new release date; the book will now be published in September rather than June.


About Jason Erik Lundberg

Author, editor, anthologist, sushi lover: Strange Mammals, Red Dot Irreal, BNSSS, Fish Eats Lion, Bo Bo and Cha Cha, etc. Founding Editor of LONTAR.


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