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AYAM CURTAIN: Going Global (by Dave Chua)

Going Global While Singapore has a few literary magazines, there currently aren’t any magazines for speculative  fiction. While editors of these magazines might welcome spec-fict pieces, it’s also a matter of finding the right reader for your work. Well as they say, look beyond. With the Internet, if you’re a spec fiction writer that’s certainly … Continue reading

AYAM CURTAIN: My take on worldbuilding

… And Basic Things to Remember When June asked me to write a blog post about worldbuilding, I was quite surprised, because I am not an authority on worldbuilding. Seriously, there are tons of worldbuilding articles and blog posts that are far better than my meagre knowledge of the subject. I did conduct a workshop … Continue reading


It’s been a while since this blog was updated, but exciting things are going on in the local spec fic scene, hopefully a herald of more to come. Calls for submission! A couple of open calls for local spec fic anthologies are ongoing. First, there’s FISH EATS LION, an anthology edited by Jason Erik Lundberg. … Continue reading

Forthcoming in September 2011: Red Dot Irreal

In June September 2011 (only five eight months from now), Math Paper Press, the independent publisher run by Kenny Leck and Karen Wai (aka the amazing proprietors of Singapore’s best and quirkiest literary bookshop BooksActually), will release my debut collection of short stories, Red Dot Irreal. The book collects many of my fantastical short stories set … Continue reading


Quarterly Literary Review Singapore could probably be considered our national literary journal. It regularly features fiction, essays, and poetry from some of the finest writers working in Singapore today (check out the list of contributors). For nine years, QLRS has charted the literary landscape of our little red dot. Such a staid and respected literary … Continue reading